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Nutrient Management

People tend to be ignorant as well as too lazy to consider the kind and the quantity of food they should take. While the poor suffer due to lack of food, the rest often suffer by consuming an excess of it. The government is occupied all the time with the improvement in the economic standards of the poor.

All of us should know what constitutes proper food. Deficiency diseases such as PEM, and vitamin and mineral deficiency have been discussed in the chapter on nutrition along with the consequences of overeating. This knowledge is meant to be practically implemented towards formation of healthy food habits. Let us recall some golden rules about good food habits.


1. Know your energy requirements.

2. Know your food components and their roles in the body.

3. Understand the meaning of the term `balanced diet'.

4. Select easily available food that you and your family can afford.

5. Plan out (and help others plan) a combination of food towards a balanced diet.

6. Learn to identify `the extra helping' which you do not need.

7. And as to your dependence on the so called `tasty food' (overfried, overspicy or fat-rich), make a sincere effort to get rid of such a food habit.

8. Remember that vomiting, indigestion, stomachaches, and restlessness are discomforts that may be caused entirely by bad food habits and, hence are entirely avoidable.

9. Also remember that a high-cholesterol diet is bad for your heart.

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