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Physical and Chemical changes

To understand the difference between a pure substance and a mixture, we should have the knowledge about physical and chemical change.


Physical properties

Colour, hardness, rigidity, fluidity, density, melting point, boiling point etc., are the physical properties.


Physical Change

The inter conversion of states is a physical change because these changes occur without a change in composition and no change in the chemical nature of the substance.


Example : Although ice, water and water vapour all look different and display different physical properties, they are chemically the same.


                                                   Physical change


Chemical Change

If there is a change in chemical nature of the substance, then it is called as chemical change.



Example – 1

Oil and water

  1. Both water and cooking oil are liquid but their chemical characteristics are different.
  2. They differ in odour and inflammability.
  3. We know that oil burns in air whereas water extinguishes fire
  4. It is this chemical property of oil that makes it different from water

Example – 2

  • Burning is a chemical change
  • During this process one substance reacts with another to undergo a change in chemical composition
  • Chemical change brings change in the chemical properties of matter and we get new substances
  • A chemical change is also called a chemical reaction.


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