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Properties of a Colloidal Solution


1. A colloidal solution is heterogeneous and the particles can be seen even with the ultra microscope.

2. The particles of a colloid can be filtered through a parchment paper or animal membrane.

3. The particles of a colloid are called dispersed phase and they are dispersed in a dispersing medium (e.g. fog, cloud, ice cream, butter, blood, milk etc.). When liquid is dispersed in gas (dispersing medium) it is called Aerosol (fog, cloud etc.). Solid dispersed in gas (e.g. smoke) or solid dispersed in liquid (e.g. mud, milk of magnesia).

4. The diameter of the colloidal particles ranges from 10-7 cm to 10-5cm.

5. A colloid scatters a beam of light passing through it. This phenomenon is known as tyndall effect. In fact sky looks blue because of tyndall effect.

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