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Geometry is one of the oldest sciences.

Egyptians and the Babylonians used geometry for practical purpose. Babylonians discovered formulae for finding areas. These formulae are found in the Babylonian mathematical documents. Ahmes was the Egyptian scribe who wrote the Rhind Papyrus - one of the oldest known mathematical documents.


The Rhind Papyrus

During the civilisation of Harappa and Mohenjodaro (now in Pakistan), the people had acquired competence in town planning, dockyards building, roads and sanitary systems and were skilled in architecture. The structures like the Great Bath of Mohen-jo-daro, the Lothal harbor and the citadel at Harappa show the knowledge of geometry in ancient India.

Lothal harbor Great Bath of Mohen-jo-daro Citadel at Harappa

The potteries of that time have geometrical figures like semi-circles, intersecting circles, hemispheres, etc., inscribed on them as motifs.. The notable names, who contributed for geometry, are Thales, Pythagoras and Euclid. Among the Indian geometers, Brahmagupta, Bhaskara II and Aryabhatta are important.

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