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Applications of Evaporation

1.Kerosene in a plate evaporates more rapidly than that poured in a bowl,  because it evaporates quickly, being exposed over a larger surface.

2. Water in an earthen pot cools in summer. The water seeps through the pores in the pot and evaporates. The latent heat required for evaporation is taken from water itself which therefore cools below the room temperature.

3. Wet clothes makes us feel cool because the water in the wet clothes while evaporating, takes in the necessary latent heat from the body, thus lowering the temperature of the body.

4. In summer, a human body maintains a constant normal temperature by the cooling produced when it perspires. Dogs, which do not perspire through the skin, stick out their tongue during hot weather in order to achieve a cooling effect.

5. The cooling effect in a domestic refrigerator is achieved while a volatile liquid (Freon) evaporates inside the copper coils surrounding the freezer box. The necessary latent heat is provided by the liquid itself which, therefore, cools. The evaporated freon is compressed so as to convert it into liquid freon which can be recycled and evaporated again in a cyclic process.

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