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Effect of Change of Pressure

Water exists in three different states namely solid, liquid and gas, which are otherwise known as ice, water and vapour. Top of high mountains and Arctic and Antarctic oceans have water in the form of ice (snow). Oceans, rivers and lakes have water in the liquid form. The vapour form of water is present in the atmosphere. We generally find water in all three states in our house too. Liquid water is generally used by all of us for day-to-day utilities. Steam is observed when water is boiled. We also make ice using the special section given in the refrigerators called a freezer.

It is important to note that the three states of water are interchangeable. When water is boiled, steam is observed. On the other hand, when steam is cooled, liquid water is obtained. On heating, ice changes into liquid water. If water is cooled below zero degrees Celsius, we get ice.

Whenever, there is a change in the state, energy is involved. Both melting of ice and varourisation of water require energy.

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