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  • The resources of the earth are land, water and air. The outer crust of the Earth is called the lithosphere.
  • Our resources are divided into two groups - renewable and non-renewable.
  • All life on earth needs clean air. But air is contaminated with particulate pollutants and harmful gases.
  • Smog is a combination of "smoke" and "fog".
  • Alteration of soil by addition and removal of materials leading to reduced productivity is called soil pollution.
  • The movement of air is called wind.
  • The freely available oxygen in air and water makes it possible for terrestrial and aquatic life to continue.
  • Ammonia is converted to nitrites and nitrates by soil bacteria.
  • CFC’s are commonly used as a refrigerants in air conditioning, as propellants, as solvents, and also as foaming agents which along with the other greenhouse gases like CO2, CH4, enhance global warming .
  • Carbon dioxide and water vapour absorb infrared radiation coming to the earth and partly reflect it back to the earth’s surface

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