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The movement of air is called wind. Water vapour is formed due to the heating of water bodies and the activities of living organisms. The atmosphere can be heated from below by the radiation that is reflected back or re-radiated by the land or water bodies. On being heated, convection currents are set up in the air. All the movements of air resulting in diverse atmospheric phenomena are caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere in different regions of the Earth. But various other factors also influence these winds – the rotation of the Earth and the presence of mountain ranges in the paths of the wind are a couple of these factors.


Rainfall patterns are decided by the prevailing wind patterns. In large parts of India, rains are mostly brought by the southwest or north-east monsoons. We have also heard weather reports that say ‘depressions’ in the Bay of Bengal have caused rains in some areas.



Collect information from newspapers or weather reports on television about
rainfall patterns across the country. Collect the information about the annual rainfall of India .

Now answer the following questions 

In which month did your city/town/ village get the maximum rainfall?

In which month did your state/union territory get the maximum rainfall?

Is rain always accompanied by thunder and lightning? If not, in which season do you get more of thunder and lightning with the rain?


Find out more about monsoons and cyclones from the library. Try and find out the rainfall pattern of any other country.

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