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Every species has a role to play in the ecosystem. So conservation of the ecosystem is essential.

Causes for the destruction and imbalance of the ecosystem

  • Greedy hunters who hunt down wild animals for commercial purposes are the main cause for this major threat to nature.
  • Pollution due to chemical and industrial waste.
  • Introduction of alien species.
  • Reckless cutting of the forests to bring land under cultivation and inhabitation.
  • Steps taken by the Indian Government to protect the flora and fauna of the county

    I. Fourteen regions have been declared as biosphere reserves. Four of them have

    been included in the world network of Biosphere reserves. They are …

  • Sunderbans in the West Bengal
  • Nanda Devi in Uttaranchal,
  • Gulf of Mannar in Tamil Nadu

  • Nilgiris
  • II. Financial and technical assistance is being provided to many Botanical Gardens by the government since 1992.

    III. Project Tiger, Project Rhino, Project Great Indian Bustard and many other eco - developmental projects have been launched to preserve the fauna of this nation.

    IV. 89 National Parks, 49 Wildlife sanctuaries and Zoological gardens have been set up to take care of Natural heritage.

    Project Tiger

    Project Tiger is a wildlife conservation project initiated in India in 1972 to protect the Bengal Tigers. It was launched on April 1, 1973 and has become one of the most successful wildlife conservation ventures. The project aims at tiger conservation in specially constituted tiger reserves. It strives to maintain a viable tiger population in their natural environment.

    In 2007, there were 28 Project Tiger wildlife reserves covering an area of 37,761 sq. km. ‘Project Tiger’ has helped increase the population of these tigers from 1,200 in the 1970s to 3,500 in 1990s.


    Let each one of us as citizens of this country , do our little bit to perverse the ecosystem.
    • Let us not pollute our land and waters
    • Let us not kill the animals or birds of our land
    • Let us spread the awareness of the need to preserve our environment for the future

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