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Natural Vegetation in India


When we talk about the natural vegetation of a country we are mainly talking about the different types of forests that are found there.

Forest are very important to human beings

  • Forests are renewable resources
  • They enhance the quality of the environment
  • They modify local climate
  • Forests control soil erosion
  • They regulate stream flow
  • Forests control wind force and temperature
  • Forests cause rainfall
  • It provides humus to the soil
  • It shelters wild life
  • They support a variety of industries
  • Forests provide livelihood for many communities
  • They offer a scenic view for recreation

India’s natural vegetation has undergone many changes. The reasons are:

  • The growing demand for cultivated land
  • Development of industries and mining
  • Urbanisation and over-grazing of pastures
  • India’s natural vegetation has been modified, replaced or degraded by human occupancy.

    India Natural Vegetation

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