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The responsibility of economic recovery was handed over to Hjalmar Schacht. He introduced state created economic programmes and worked for full production and full employment. The most popular productions of this project were the German super highways and the people’s car, the Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen

Hitler’s Foreign Policy

1933 - Hitler pulled out of the League of Nations.

1936 - Hitler reoccupied Rhineland

1938 - Hitler integrated Austria and Germany under the slogan" One people, one empire and one leader"


He pulled the German speaking Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia and annexed the entire country. England which considered the Versailles treaty as a harsh one silently supported Hitler in all these ventures.

The state was still running on deficit, Schacht asked Hitler not to invest on rearmament. But, Hitler thought that only through expansion of territories resources could be accumulated. So, Schacht had to give way.

1939 - In September Germany invaded Poland which led to a war with England and France.

1940 - Tripartite Pact was signed by Germany, Italy and Japan. This strengthened the power of Hitler internationally.

Puppet regimes were set up in many parts of Europe.

1940 - December Hitler was at the height of his power.

The long term aim of Hitler was to conquer Eastern Europe. He wanted to make sure that food supplies and living space were available to the Germans.

1941 - In June Hitler committed the historical blunder of attacking the Soviet Union. The German western front was exposed to British aerial bombing and the eastern front was crushed by the powerful Soviet Red Army at Stalingrad. Thus the Soviet established its leadership over the entire Eastern Europe for the next half century.

The USA, after the bitter experiences in the First World War did not want to enter into any war. But it could not hold on to its policy for a long time. Japan in the east was expanding its power by occupying French Indo-China. It was also planning to attack the US naval bases in the Pacific. Japan, supporting Hitler, attacked the US naval base at Pearl Harbor. Thus, the USA was forced to enter the Second World War. The war came to an end in May 1945, with the bombing of Hiroshima in Japan and the defeat of Hitler.

Hitler’s Foreign Policy

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