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The Effects of the War

The war had a Devastating Impact on the European Continent in all respects

  • The continent became a continent of debtors.
  • The young Weimar Republic had to pay for the faults of the old empire. 
  • The Republic had to carry the burden of war guilt and national humiliation. 
  • It was forced to pay a huge war indemnity which crippled it financially. 
  • The socialists, Catholics and Democrats who supported the Weimar Republic were criticised by the nationalists as the "November Criminals".

The Impact of the War on the European Society and Polity

  • The soldiers were placed above the civilians. 
  • Politicians and publicists emphasized the need for men to be aggressive, strong and masculine. 
  • Trench life was glorified by the media though in actual practice the soldiers led a miserable life in the trench with rats feeding on the corpses and faced poisonous gas. 
  • Though aggressive war and national honour was brought to the fore front, people were in support of conservative dictatorship. 
  • Among the instabilities of interwar Europe democracy could not survive, as it was a new idea.
    Impact of War on the European Society

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