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The Nazi Cult of Motherhood

Treatment of women in  Nazi Germany
  • Treated as the most important citizens.
  • All mothers were not treated equally.
  • The women who bore desirable children were awarded. They were given favoured treatment in hospitals and concessions in theatres and shops.
  • Those who bore undesirable children were condemned and punished severely.
  • Honour Crosses were given to women who produced more children.

Bronze cross for 4 children.
Silver cross for 6 children.
Gold cross for 8 and above.

  • Aryan women who deviated from the given code of conduct were severely punished.
  • For maintaining contacts with the Jews, Poles and Russians they were paraded with shaven heads, blackened face and a card around their neck which I have sullied the honour of the nation’. They were jailed and were to lose the civic honour, their husbands and families.


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