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The Nazi Worldwide

Nazi Ideology

  • There was no equality between people but only a racial hierarchy.
  • Blond, blue eyed, Nordic German Aryans were at the top.
  • Jews were located at the lowest and regarded as an anti race and the arch enemies of the Aryans.
  • The other coloured people were placed in between depending on their external features.
  • The finest Aryan race had to retain its purity, should become strong and dominate the world.
  • Thoughts from Secret Book by Hitler
    This earth is not allotted to anyone nor is it presented to people. It is awarded by providence to people who are brave enough to conquer it, have the strength to preserve it and are intelligent enough to develop it.

    The primary right of the world is the right of this world. On the basis of this right a great nation can expand its territories to suit its population.

    Hitler’s Ideology of Geopolitical Concept of Lebensraum or Living Space

  • New territories need to be acquired for human settlement to enable the settlers to have a close link with their motherland and also to enhance the area of the mother country.
  • The material resources and power of Germany could also be increased.
  • This Nazi ideology became one with Hitler’s world views. He wanted to extend the territories of Germany eastwards. He thought that would bring all Germans in one place geographically. Poland became the centre for all his experiments.

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