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  • A rational number is of the form, where
  • q ≠ 0. 
  • Every rational number can be expressed as a real number.
  • The real number consists of natural, whole number, integer, rational number and irrational number.
  • Every point on the number line represents a unique number.
  • The decimal numbers are either terminating or non-terminating.
  • Terminating decimal ends up at a certain point, whereas the non-terminating decimal does not end up.



    2.365, 14.56 – Terminating decimal,

    0.2569810…, 48.235235…..- non-terminating decimals

    The terminating and the non-terminating recurring decimals can also be written in the form of a rational number.

    A non-terminating non-recurring decimal number can be written as an irrational number.

    By the process of successive magnification, the irrational number can be marked on a number line.

    To rationalize the denominator by multiplying and dividing the conjugate of that number.


    Example : =

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