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Gollas Herders of Karnataka

  • In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, again the dry central plateau was covered with stone and grass and inhabited by cattle, goat and sheep herders.
  • The Gollas herd cattle only.

The Kurumas and Kurubas of Karnataka

  • These people also lived in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and reared sheep and goats and sold woven blankets.
  • They lived near the woods, cultivated small patches of land, engaged in a variety of petty trades and took care of their herds.

Banjaras, the Cattle Herders of Uttar Pradesh

The Banjara


Banjaras were yet another well-known group of graziers.
They are found in the villages of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Their costumes, folk music and dances are popular even today.


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