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Who are Pastoralists?

Nomadic pastoralists are the people who do not live in one place. They do not have permanent houses or other possessions. They move from one place to another in search of livelihood . They usually move about in a group. There main occupation being rearing cattle. So, they move from place to place looking for fresh pastures.

The first nomadic pastoralist society developed in the period from 8500-6500 BC. Slowly their nomadic hunting lifestyle changed to that of raising of stock. Soon they started using animals for their secondary products, like milk, dairy products, wool, animal hair, hides and consequently leather, manure for fuel and fertilizer. There was a rapid increase in nomadic pastoralism. Horse and cattle nomads of the Eurasian steppe, spread during the later Middle Ages.

Nomado Pestoralist



 Pastoralists - People who take Care of Sheep and Cattle



Nomads Grazed their Cattle


These nomads who do not live in one place move above as a community. They do not have any permanent settlement. They live in caravans or temporary huts.


Nomads - People who do not Live in one Place

In many parts of India we can see nomadic pastoralists on the move with their herds of goats and sheep, or camels and cattle.

Pastoralism was prevalent in countries like India and Africa.



Pastoralist of Africa




Areas where Pastoralism is Found



Can you give some reasons as to why sheep farming is important in India and Africa?


If you are not able to give reasons to justify the above statement then read the lesson thoroughly you will know the answer.


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