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Condition of America at the End of Eighteenth Century

From England let us travel to America.
Lets take a look at how modern agriculture developed there

How did America become the bread basket of the world?

What did this mean meant to the rural people of America?


Areas under the Control of Americans in the West

Condition of America at the End of Eighteenth Century

  • When common fields were being enclosed in England, settled agriculture had not   developed in America.
  • Forests covered over 800 million acres and grasslands extended to over 600 million acres.
  • White Americans were confined to small places in the coastal land in the East.
  • At that time, there were many native Americans living in groups.


Native Americans

  • They lived by only hunting, gathering food and fishing.
  • Small groups of natives cultivated corn, bean, tobacco and pumpkin. 

Changes that Took Place in the Early Twentieth Century

  • White Americans moved towards westward and established control.
  • They displaced the local tribes.
  • They carved out the entire landscape into different agricultural belts. 

By the twentieth century America was the highest producer of agricultural products in the world.

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