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New Demand for Grain

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries the English countryside changed dramatically.

The reasons for the Enclosure Movement during the late eighteenth century…

Unlike the 16th century , when the enclosure movement was for breeding sheep, in the eighteenth century it was for grain production.

There are several reasons for the increase in demand of food grains in England.

Population expanded rapidly.

Year Population in Millions
1750 7
1850 21
1900 30

This meant an increased demand for food grains to feed the population.


More and more people began to live and work in urban area. So, they had to buy food grains from the market. So the demand increased and prices rose.


Industrilization in England


Disrupted Trade

France was at war with England. This disrupted the import of food grains from Europe. There was acute shortage of food grains.


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