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The Age of Enclosures

During the early nineteenth century enclosures became a necessity.

  • Long term investments on land
  • Planning for crop rotation
  • Improving the quality of the soil for more production

Enclosures became a necessity because farmers were willing to invest and toil in their land only if they were sure that they would be able to reap the harvest and enjoy the benefits.


Enclosed Land

  • Generally, the rapid growth in population was most often followed by a period of food shortage.
  • Food grain production in the past had not expanded as rapidly as the population.
  • In England , during  the nineteenth century , food grain production increased as rapidly as its population.
  • England was producing more than 80% of the food it consumed. Rest of it was imported.
  • The English Parliament passed the Enclosure Acts to enable the rich farmers to produce more food grains.

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