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The Coming of New Technology

  • In the late nineteenth century, there was a great expansion of wheat production in America.
  • There was a large export market for wheat.
  • The railways made it easy to transport these grains from one place to another.
  • During  World War I, the Russian supply of the wheat was cut off and the Americans had to feed Europe.


Acres in Million

1910 45
1919 74

Number of Acres under Wheat Cultivation.

In a matter of nine years, the area of wheat cultivation expanded to 65 percent.

  • This dramatic expansion was possible only because of new technology.

Cultivation using New Technology

  • To break the soil and turn the soil over, a variety of new ploughs were devised locally.

A Variety of New Ploughs

  • In the Great Plains the farmers were breaking the ground with tractors and disk ploughs, clearing vast lands for cultivation.

Mechanized Farming

  • In 1831, Cyrus McCormick invented the first mechanical reaper which could cut the crops.

Cyrus McCormick

The First Mechanical Reaper

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