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The Great Agrarian Depression and the Dust Bowl

  • With the introduction of mechanized farming jobs were difficult to find.
  • Mechanization had reduced the need for labour.
  • As production expanded rapidly during the war there was large amount of surplus.
  • Due to the above reasons the wheat prices fell and the export market collapsed.
  • This created the Great Agrarian Depression of the 1930 that ruined the wheat farmers everywhere. 

Dust Bowl

  • The expansion of cultivated land in the Great Plains created other problems.
  • In 1930, terrifying dust storms began to blow over the southern plains.
  • Black blizzards rolled in very often ,These blizzards rose upto  7,000 to 8,000 feet high like monstrous waves of muddy water.
  • The skies darkened, and the dust swept in, people became blind and they choked.

Black Blizzards

  • Dead bodies of birds and animals were seen all over the landscape.

Trail of Destruction


  • It brought disaster to everything, the living and the machines. 

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