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The Westward Move

West Ward Move

After the American war of Independence from 1775 to 1783 and the formation of United States of America , the white Americans began to move westward.

  • America was a land of promise.
  • Its wilderness was turned into cultivated fields.
  • Forests timber was  cut for exports.
  • Animals were hunted for their skin.

Animals Hunting for their Skin

  • Mountains were mined for gold and minerals.
  • All this was  possible only when the native Americans were removed from the scene.
  • Numerous wars were waged in which native American Indians were massacred and many of their villages burnt.
  • They also won many victories.
  • Finally, they natives gave up their struggle.
  • They were forced to sign treaties, soon they left their land and moved westward.

As the natives retreated the White American settlers occupied the fertile Appalachian plateau.


The Appalachian Plateau

The Appalachian mountain system extends in a northwest-southeast direction from New York to northern Alabama. The northern portions are part of the Middle Atlantic Region. The southern portions are West Virginia, North Carolina, Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee.

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