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What Happened to the Poor?

Enclosures put-up by the rich land owners resulted in the disappearance of the common land , hitherto used by the poor, for survival.

  • When fences came up, the enclosed land became the property of the landowner.
  • The poor had no right over the common area.

The Landless Poor

  • These poor were displaced from their land.
  • Deprived of their right and driven off from the land, they set out in search of work.
  • They could not find secure jobs.
  • They ended up doing a variety of odd jobs.
  • By 1800 labourers were paid wages and employed only during harvest.
  • Laborers were paid wages and employed only during harvest.
  • The introduction of the Threshing Machine, made work insecure, employment uncertain and income unstable.
  • For a very large part of the year the poor had no work.

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