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Economic Activities by Men and Women

Primary Sector

Secondary Sector


Tertiary Sector



The work or activities done by the people can be classified into three Sectors:

The activities in these sectors can be further divided into :-

  • Market Activities
  • Non-Market Activities

Market activities involve remuneration to the person who performs the activity. That is production of goods and services that earns money for the person performing the activity. Government services are included in these activities.

Market Activities


Non-Market Activities

Activities involve labour and labour can be divided between men and women.

Due to various historical and cultural reasons women usually look after domestic chores and men work outside.

Let us apply all that we have learnt about these activities to the family of Sakal & Vilas:

  • Sakal’s mother, Sheela cooks food, cleans utensils, washes clothes, cleans the house and looks after her children. She is not paid for the services she renders. So it is a non-market activity and does not add to the National Income.
  • Vilas’s mother earned money by selling fish. So, it is a marketing Activity that adds to the National income.
  • Sakal’s father Buta cultivates the field, sells the produce in the market and earns money for the family. So, it is Market activity, that adds to the National Income.

The earnings of a person are determined by his skill and education and of course his state of health.

The higher the educational qualification and more skilled a person is, the higher the income and higher the National income.

So, Education, Training and Health are the back bone of human resources and human resource is the back bone of our economy.

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