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Story of a Village

The story of this village is about how education could create employment and how employment could bring prosperity to a society.

This little village we are talking about has many families. No one in this village was educated. They all met their own individual needs by growing their own crops, making their own clothes and teaching their own children. There was never any surplus.

Village before Education

One day, one of the villagers decided to educate his son. His son soon got a degree in agro-engineering. He used his education and increased the cultivation. The entire village benefited from his knowledge.

Yet anther villager got training in tailoring and started stitching clothes for all the others in the village She started earning a living and the rest of the villagers benefited as they did not have to go far to buy well stitched clothes.

Soon the village elders approached the Town Panchayat to open a school in the village. Seeing the self interest of the villagers the Government opened a school in the Village. All the children in the village now got formal education.

With formal education came employment, with employment came income with income came prosperity. Soon the village progressed.

So education which is an investment in human capital is the basis of progress.

Village after Education

So this story of a simple village helps us understand that the rising level of human capital enabled it to evolve into a place rich with complex and modern economic activities.

Conclusion :-

From this chapter we come to understand that inputs like education and health helped in making people an asset for the economy.

The economic activities in the three sectors of the economy should be balanced, for unemployment in any form or in any sector can be a burden on the nation.

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