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  • The citizens of a country can be considered as a liability or an asset.
  • When a large population has to be provided with food, shelter, clothing, education and access to health facilities, then they are considered as a liability to the nation.
  • When the large population becomes more educated and healthy and contribute to the productive power of the country, then they are considered as an asset to the nation.
  • The work or activities done by the people can be classified into three Sectors: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.
  • The quality of the population is what finally determines the growth rate of the country.
  • The 3 factors add to make a population of high quality are Literacy rate, Health of a person indicated by life expectancy and the Skill formation acquired by the people of the country.
  • Improvement in the health status of the population has to be the priority of the country.
  • Unemployment can be classified into seasonal and disguised unemployment in rural areas and educated unemployment in urban areas.

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