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The Story of Sakal and Vilas

Let us look into the lives of Sakal and Vilas, who lived in the same village, to understand how education, training and health can help people to prosper in life.

Now let us compare the lives of Sakal and Vilas.








Sakal is a twelve-year old boy in a village

Vilas is an eleven-year old boy in the same village


His father Buta Chaudhary works in an agricultural field.

Vilas’s father Mahesh was a fisherman. He passed away when he was only two years old


Sakal’s mother, Sheela looked

after domestic chores

His mother Geeta sold fish to earn money to feed the family


Sakal helped his mother in domestic chores. He also looked after his younger brother Jeetu and sister


Vilas helped his mother in cooking and also looked after his younger brother Mohan


Buta and Sheela were eager to teach Sakal. They forced him to join the village school.He started studying and completed his higher secondary examination

Vilas became a patient of arthritis. His mother could not afford to take him to the doctor.


His father persuaded him to continue his studies. He raised a loan for Sakal to study a vocational course in computers.

He could not go to school and he was not interested in studies.


Sakal studied with great vigour and enthusiasm he completed his course.

Vilas’ mother fell sick and there was no one to look after her. There was no one in the family to support them


After some time he got a job in a private firm. He even designed a new kind of software.

Vilas was forced to sell fish in the same village.


His boss acknowledged his services and rewarded him with a promotion.

He like his mother earned only a meagre income.


Education and good health brought Sakal and his family prosperity.

Lack of education, training and poor health were the causes for Vilas poor state.

A study of the tabular column above reveals that education, vocational training and good health are very important for ones progress.


The collective progress of individual citizens is the progress of a nation.

  • Investment on people is the same as investment in land and capital.
  • One invests in shares and bonds expecting higher returns in the future. A child, too, with investments like education and health, made on her or him, can yield high return in the future in the form of higher earnings and bring prosperity to home and the Nation

    • Japan is a example of a country which has invested in human resource as it does not have any natural resources. Japan today is a developed, rich nation and is a standing example of the might of human resource. Japan has invested on its people, especially in the field of education and health. This has borne rich dividends for the Nation.

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