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Polynomial of One Variable

Consider the following examples,

8x, 22x, x


Example :

From the above examples, we see that the expressions are of the form (a Constant)

´ (a Variable). Here in the above examples, the numerical values are constant and for different values of x we get different values.

Here, the algebraic expressions contains only one variable, so it is a polynomial in one variable.

If we consider a cube of side 3 units, the volume of the cube is 27 cubic units. In general, if we consider the side of the cube to be x units, the volume of the cube is calculated by cubic units .



Here we get an Algebraic expression , where x is the only variable.

Here, the expression involves only one variable , so it is a polynomial in one variable.

Algebraic expressions of the type,

is a polynomial in x

is a polynomial in y

Algebraic Expressions involving only one variable is a polynomial in one variable.

In the polynomial,

are the terms of the polynomial and the polynomial has four terms. Each term of the polynomial has a the coefficient.

The coefficient of is 2.

The coefficient of is 3.

The coefficient of x1 is 5.

The coefficient of x0 is 12

The constant term 12 is called the constant polynomial.

The Polynomial 0 is called zero polynomial. All coefficients of zero polynomial is equal to zero.

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