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  • A polynomial with one variable is of the form =Where, are real numbers and n is a non-negative integer and ≠ 0 . are variables are the terms of the polynomial
  • Based on the terms polynomials are classified as
 (a) Monomial – Polynomial with one term

(b) Binomial – Polynomial with two terms

 (c) Trinomial-Polynomial with three terms
  •  Highest sum of the powers of the variables is the degree of the polynomial.
  •  Polynomial with degree one is Linear Polynomial.
  •  Polynomial with degree two is Quadratic Polynomial.
  •  Polynomial with degree three is Cubic Polynomial.
  • If is a polynomial, and if =0, then a is the root or zero of the polynomial.
Every real number is the zero of the zero polynomial.
Every linear polynomial has a unique zero.
Non-zero constant polynomial has no zero.
  • Remainder Theorem: If is a polynomial of degree greater than or equal to 1, and is divided by a linear polynomial then the remainder is .
  • Factor Theorem: is a factor of the polynomial ,if =0. Also if is a factor of then =0. : =
  • Algebraic Identities
Identity I:
Identity II:
Identity III:
Identity IV:
Identity V :
Identity VI:=
Identity VII:
Identity VIII :=

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