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Causes of Poverty

Causes of Poverty in India :

  • Low level of economic development under the British colonial administration.
  • Policies of the colonial government ruined traditional handicrafts.
  • The colonial government discouraged development of industries like textiles.
  • Low rate of growth persisted until the nineteen eighties.
  • A high growth rate of population.
  • The failure to promotion of economic growth and control population

The Green Revolution and the spread of irrigation has reduced the poverty percentage in India, to some extent.

Let us dwell a little more specifically into the causes of poverty in India.

  • Lack of enough jobs for the growing population.
  • Income inequalities among the urban population.
  • Lack of housing in urban areas has led to more and more people living in slums.
  • Government reforms can alleviate poverty to a large extent

  • Land reforms can be implemented to ensure fair distribution of land in rural areas.
  • Loans could be provided to small farmers to help them rise above the poverty line.
  • The socio-cultural and economic factors which weigh down the people should be neutralised.

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