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The word poverty is described as a state of being poor, that is the state of not having enough money to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing. More than one fourth of India’s population, that is roughly 26 crore Indians, live in poverty.


The magnitude of the number makes this one of the greatest challenges India is facing.

To understand this challenge India faces one has to understand 4 things.

  • Poverty As Seen By The Society
  • Concept Of The Poverty Line In India And World Over
  • Causes Of Poverty And Anti-Poverty Measures Taken By The Indian Government
  • Official Concept Of Poverty Vs. Actual Human Poverty

Official poverty rates in India


Poverty Rate (%)

1977 - 78




1987 - 88


1993 - 94


1999 - 2000


2004 - 2005


In India we see a lot of poor people every where.

  • Landless Labourers in Villages.
  • People living in overcrowded Slums in Cities.
  • Daily Wage Workers at Construction Sites.
  • Child Workers in Eateries.
  • Beggars with Children in Tatters.
The Face of Poverty in India

Let us look into the causes of this terrible thing called ‘poverty’ and what India is doing for them.

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