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Bolshevik Revolution (November 7, 1917)

Nikolai Lenin (1870 – 1924)
It was in 1903 that Nikolai Lenin became the leader of a more extremist revolutionary group called the Bolshevik party. Lenin was the son of a school inspector. His life was rudely disturbed when his brother was executed for making an attempt to assassinate the Czar. Lenin became a revolutionary. 

The Bolshevik Soldiers


The Czarist police finally caught him. He was arrested and sent to Siberia. He escaped from Siberia and became a political exile in Switzerland. When the position of the Menshevik government weakened under the leadership of Karensky, the Bolsheviks under Lenin took full advantage to overthrow this government. He struck on November 7, 1917, which resulted in the fall of the Provisional Government. The Bolsheviks under Lenin promised to people "Peace, Land, Bread".

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