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Industrial Society and Social Change

The new trends in the society resulted in a profound change socially and economically. It was only during this time that new cities came into existence, new industrial regions developed, railway expanded and the industrial revolution occurred.


Industrial Revolution

Impact of Industrialisation
Men, women and children were brought to the factories.
Poor wages and long work hours.

Low demand for industrial goods often caused unemployment.
The rapid growth in towns caused problems in housing and sanitation.
Under such a condition, the liberals and the radicals were looking for a solution.

The liberals believed in individual freedom. They believed that a society would develop if the people with capital could work without any restraint and the poor could give their labour. In the 19th century many workingmen and women supported the liberals and the radicals, as they wanted some change in the society.

Many nationalists, radicals and the liberals did not like the government established in Europe in 1815. They were favouring revolutions to bring forth changes.

Giuseppe Mazzini of Italy


In countries like Italy, Germany, France and Russia people began to rise against the rulers. The nationalists wanted a government in which all citizens would have equal rights. It was Giuseppe Mazzini, who first achieved this in Italy after 1815.

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