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Russian Revolution (1905)



The disastrous defeat in the Far East culminated in the outbreak of riots in the cities and district towns. The Russian peasants rose in revolt and burnt the homes of their rich landlords. In the meanwhile, the people marched in the streets of the capital to the royal palace to submit a petition containing their grievances but the Czar was in no mood to entertain them. The royal guards opened fire and hundreds were killed and this horrible incident sent a wave of shock throughout the country. The news of the death of hundred of Russians provoked the workers in the cities to go on a general strike. The industrial workers’ strike spread throughout the country and the Czarist government became seriously concerned with the worsening crisis. The Czar was frightened at the halting of the country’s wheels of progress and finally yielded. He bowed to the demands of the common people and introduced many reforms.

People Marching towards the Royal Palace

  • The freedom of press, speech and assembly was given.
  • He recognized the trade unions.
  • He also cancelled arrears of land payments by the peasants.
  • The important step that he took was the promise to hold elections for the Duma (Russian parliament).

Soon after the royal troops returned from the Far East the Czar began his oppressive rule. The Czar revised the election rules in such a way that only the loyal upper class representatives were voted to power. The new Duma meekly submitted to the power of the Czar. Thus the Revolution of 1905 failed.


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