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The European Society

The European Society was divided into liberals, radicals and conservatives.



Liberals : -
Wanted a nation that could tolerate all religion as people at this time either favoured one religion or the other. Example, Britain – Church of England, Austria and Spain - The Catholic Church.
Opposed the uncontrolled power of the dynastic rulers.
Wanted to safeguard the individual rights against the government.
Favoured a representative, elected parliamentary government.
The laws made by the government should be subject to interpretation of the well-trained independent Judiciary.
They did not believe in universal adult franchise, as they were not democrats.
Men of property should vote.
Women should not be given vote.

Radicals : -
Wanted a government based on the majority of the population.
Supported women’s suffragette movement.
Opposed to any privilege given to the landowners and wealthy landlords.
Though were not against private property did not like the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few.

Conservatives :-
Accepted that some change was unavoidable.
Changes should be brought forth slowly but at the same time the past should also be respected.


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