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Applications of Ultrasound

(i) Ultrasound is used in SONAR to measure the depth of the sea and to locate the underwater objects like the shoals of fish, shipwrecks, submarines, sea- rocks and ice- bergs in the sea.

(ii) Ultrasound is used to investigate inside the human body. Echocardiography helps the doctors to study the condition of the heart of a patient. Stones in the gall bladder, kidneys can be located with ultrasound. Ultrasonography helps to study the development of the fetus during pregnancy, to detect any abnormalities.

(iii) Ultrasound is used in industry for detecting flaws in metal blocks or sheets without damaging them. It is used to clean delicate machine parts or parts that are located in hard-to-reach places. These are placed inside the cleaning solution which is then subjected to high frequency waves. These dislodge the dirt and dust particles and the parts get thoroughly cleaned.

A whale sends out its sounds and songs and (those sound waves reflect-off a fish swimming towards the whale)  the whale uses those reflected sound waves to determine where the  fish is and what direction it is swimming.

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