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Nature of Sound

Production of Sound:
Sound is a form of energy which stimulates our sense of hearing. Everyday we hear many sounds all around us all the time: the radio blaring, the telephone bell ringing, students, friends’ talking to each other and so on. How is sound produced?

If we touch a silent bicycle bell we do not find anything special in it. If we ring the bell and touch it gently, we’ll find that the bell is vibrating continuously till such time that it stops ringing. As it is ringing if we hold it tightly, the vibrations will stop and no sound will be heard. This clearly tells us that sound is produced by vibrating bodies.  

The vibrating body has a certain amount of energy which travels in the form of sound waves. This energy is provided to it by some outside source.


Sound can be produced by the following methods: 

(i)   by vibrating strings as in veena, violin, etc., known as string instruments.

(ii)  by vibrating air as in flute, trumpets, etc., known as wind instruments.

(iii) by vibrating membranes as in tabla, drums, etc., known as percussion instruments.

(iv) by vibrating metal plates as in bells, etc.


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