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Rutherford’s Atomic Model

Based on his experiment Rutherford put forward the nuclear model of an atom. According to this model,

1. An atom consists of a positively charged centre, the nucleus.

2. At a considerable distance from the nucleus, the electrons were orbiting in a manner much like the way the planets orbit the sun. Hence this model is also called as planetary model of atom.

3. The number of electrons in orbits is equal to the number of positive charges (protons) in the nucleus. Hence, the atom is electrically neutral.

4. The volume of the nucleus is negligibly small as compared to the volume of the atom. [For example, if we consider the radius of the atom is equal to 1 km, then the size of the nucleus will be equal to a cricket ball present in the core centre of the atom].

5. Hence, most of the space in the atom is empty.



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