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Political Causes


Louis XV, who ascended the throne at the tender age of five, neither had the capacity nor the ability to govern the country effectively. France drifted towards chaos by involving herself in numerous wars. Mindless of the financial burden that would fall upon the poor peasantry, she fought several wars. King Louis XV never evinced keen interest in governing the country but engaged himself in the pursuit of worldly pleasures. Louis XVI, ascended the throne when he was twenty years old. He had no will to carry out some bold reforms to set right the deteriorating conditions prevailing in France. Flattering courtiers and his ill-advised queen Marie Antoinette influenced his judgment.

Louis XV

Louis XVI

Queen Marie Antoinette

Unfortunately, France had no uniform code of law. A law which was regarded as just and fair in one province was not so in another.

Corruption in every government department further deteriorated the living condition of the people.

France was threatened by an appalling bankruptcy. The treasure was empty after the war, and the king was as usual, indifferent.

The unemployment in Paris caused by industrial depression worsened the situation further.

Price inflation was also felt during the same period.

Thus peasants and urban craftsmen and workers were drawn together in common hostility towards the government, landlords, merchants and speculators and these classes entered the revolution in the context of increasing poverty and hardship rather the prosperity.

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