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Result of the War

The Outcome of the War

During its ten year course the French Revolution brought about far reaching changes.

  • It destroyed the vestiges of feudalism and liberated the serfs.
  • It established a constitutional monarchy, which also disappeared in due course of time. The nobles and the church lost their property and their lands were distributed to the peasants. Slaves in the French colonies were set free. The watchwords of the French Revolution such as Liberty, Equality and Fraternity reflected the coming o f a new democratic and social order in Europe.
  • The revolution roused national feelings. The common people were prepared to die for the sake of protecting the gains of the revolution.

Finally, the French Revolution had a lasting effect on the people of Europe, in the 19th century. Those who were groaning under the Tyranny of foreign rulers derived their inspiration from the French Revolution. Europe was convulsed by frequent revolutions aimed at overthrowing oppressive governments.

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