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The Jacobin Club
Members :-

Small shopkeepers, artisans such as shoemakers, pastry cooks, watchmakers, printers, servants and daily-wage workers.

Leader :-
Maximilian Robespierre.


Maximilian Robespierre

Dress :-
Long striped trousers like the dockworkers and unlike the noble who wore knee breeches. They wore red caps to symbolise liberty.


Name given :-
Sans - culottes, meaning" those without knee breeches ".


1792 Summer :-
The Parisians were angry because of the short supplies and high prices of food.


August 10 :-
The Jacobins attacked the Palace of Tuileries. The king’s guards were killed and for several hours the King himself was held as a hostage.


Palace of Tuileries

Assembly voted for the imprisonment of the royal family.
Elections were held.
All men of 21 years got the right to vote.


Abolition of Monarchy :-
The newly elected assembly, which came to be called as the Convention, abolished hereditary Monarchy on 21 September, 1792.


France was declared a Republic – A form of government in which the people elect the government including the head of the government.

The court, on the charge of Treason, sentenced Louis XVI to death.

On21 January, 1793 Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette were executed publicly at the Place de la Concorde.

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