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The Reign of Terror 1793 – 1794

Robespierre’s Government

  • Followed a policy of severe control and punishment.
  • Ex-nobles, clergy, members of the other political parties, the people who did not agree with his method in his own party, were branded as enemies and tried by a revolutionary tribunal. All those who were found guilty were guillotined.
  • Laws were made to fix the maximum wages and prices.
  • Meat and bread were rationed.
  • Peasants were to take their grains to the cities to sell.
  • The prices were fixed by the government.
  • Expensive white flour was not to be used by the people.
  • Every one was to eat only the equality bread - a loaf made of whole wheat.
  • Equality in forms of speech – All French men and women were to be called Citoyen and Citoyenne, instead of the traditional Monsieur (Sir) and Madame (madam).
  • Churches were closed and their buildings were used as barracks and offices.
  • Robespierre followed his policies without any consideration.
  • July 1794 Robespierre was convicted by a court and arrested and sent to the guillotine the very next day.

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