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Farming in Palampur

  • Farming is the main occupation in the imaginary village of Palampur.
  • 75% of the people of Palampur are involved in farming, as farmers or farm labourers.
  • They depend mainly on the farm produce.
Problem faced by the farmers of Palampur:
  • Fixed Land for Cultivation
  1. The main problem the farmers of this village face is land - land that can be brought under cultivation.
  2. In the year 1960 waste land was brought under cultivation. Today there is no scope of bringing more land under the plough. So, the farmers of Palampur are left with only a fixed area for cultivation.
Solutions for the problem faced by the farmers
  • Modern Methods of Irrigation
  • Multiple Cropping

As we know in this imaginary village of Palampur , there is only 200 hectares of land available for cultivation.

Modern Methods of Irrigation:
The farmers of Palampur adapted modern methods to irrigate their land so that they could get more yield from their fixed land.

In the olden days in Palampur farmers used the Persian wheels to draw water from the wells and irrigated small fields.

Persian Water Wheels


They slowly started using electricity-run tube-wells to irrigate their land more effectively. As electricity came early to this village, motorised tube-wells were possible.

The first few tube-wells were installed by the government.

Soon, the farmers of Palampur installed private tube-wells.


Persian Weels and Tube Wells

By mid-1970s the entire cultivatable area of 200 hectares was irrigated by tube-wells. Better irrigation meant more yield from the same area of land.

Multiple Cropping

Growing more than one crop on a piece of land during the year is known as multiple cropping.
The farmers of Palampur cultivated at least two main crops.
Many farmers cultivated potatoes as the third crop. 



Now let us see the crops that are grown in a village in the Western parts of Uttar Pradesh, which would resemble the imaginary village of Palampur.

  • Jowar and bajra are grown during the rainy season. After the grain is harvested the plant is used as cattle feed.
  • After the rainy season, potatoes are planted between October and December.
  • During the winter season the fields are sown with wheat.
  • Part of the land is sometimes used for sugar cane cultivation.
  • A well – developed irrigation system helps farmers to indulge in Multiple Cropping.


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