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  • The main occupation in Palampur is farming.
  • The upper caste families in this village own the majority of land, and their houses are big and made of bricks and cement.
  • The Schedule Caste or the Dalits form 1/3 of the population and they live in smaller houses made of mud and straw.
  • Production can be classified into two, agricultural activities and non - agricultural activities.
  • Farming is the main occupation in the imaginary village of Palampur and 75% of the people of Palampur are involved in farming, as farmers or farm labourers.
  • In the imaginary village of Palampur, the land under cultivation is fixed, that is, there is no scope of bringing more land under the plough.
  • Yield is the amount of crop produced on a given piece of land during a single crop season.
  • The Green Revolution was the worldwide transformation in agriculture and it led to significant increases in agricultural production between the 1940s and 1960s.
  • Modern methods of farming has created an negative impact on our environment.
  • Man has to use his discretion while using modern methods in farming or else he will be causing irreparable damage to our environment.
  • Four things needed for farming activities, are land, labour and capital.

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