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Elections in China

A democracy must be based on a free and fair election where those currently in power have a fair chance of losing.

Now let us see if the government in China is a Democratic Government or a non-Democratic Government.



1. In China, elections are regularly held every five years for electing the country’s parliament, called Quanguo Renmin Daibiao Dahui or the National People’s Congress.

2. The National People’s Congress has the power to appoint the President of the country.

The Great Hall of the People, where the National People’s Congress convenes


3. It has nearly 3,000 members elected from all over China.

4. Some members are elected by the army.

5. Before contesting elections, a candidate needs the approval of the Chinese Communist Party.

6. Only those who are members of the Chinese Communist Party or eight smaller parties allied to it were allowed to contest elections held in 2002-03.

7. The government is always formed by the Communist Party.

So, we can come to the conclusion that China is not truly a Democratic Government. Though elections are held in China, the elections do not offer the people any serious choice. They have to choose the ruling party and the candidates approved by it.

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