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Elections in Mexico

Elections in Mexico went against the policy that a democracy must be based on a free and fair election where those currently in power have a fair chance of losing.


Since its independence in 1930, Mexico holds elections every six years to elect its President.

The country has never been under a military or dictator’s rule. 

But until 2000 every election was won by a party called PRI or the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

Opposition parties did contest elections, but never managed to win.

The PRI used many dirty tricks to win elections.

Polling booths were shifted from one place to another in the last minute, which made it difficult for people to cast their votes.

The PRI spent a large sum of money in the campaign for its candidates.

The PRI Party Flag

For 70 years only the Institutional Revolutionary Party ruled Mexico.

From this we come to the conclusion that the people of Mexico did not really have a choice in electing their leader.

There was no way the ruling party could be defeated, even if people were against it.

These elections were not fair.

We can conclude that holding elections of any kind is not sufficient. The elections must offer a real choice between political alternatives. And it should be possible for people to use this choice to remove the existing rulers, if they wish to. 

So, a democracy must be based on free and fair elections where those currently in power have a fair chance of losing.


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