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Health and Its Failure

What is Health?

Good health is a very hard thing to measure, but it is one of life's most precious things. The World Health Organisation has defined health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Community health can be defined as "All the personal health along with the environmental services for the importance of health of community".

Some of the health services are given below:

(i) Establishment of health care services like primary health centers, district hospitals, community health centers, medical colleges, all Indian institutes, regional hospitals etc.

(ii) Provision of safe drinking water and proper disposal of garbage.

(iii) Prevention of harmful insect breeding sites.

(iv) Management of different types of environmental pollution by Central and State Pollution Control Boards.

(v) Preventive vaccinations against number of diseases like tuberculosis, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, measles, hepatitis, etc.

(vi) Provision of family planning advices and services.

(vii) Provision of medical care to school going children.

(viii) Prevention of food adulteration.

(ix) Health education.


Conditions Essential for Good Health

There are several conditions which have to be fulfilled for good health. The important ones are

(i) Nutrition, 

(ii) Proper habits, and

(iii) Exercise and relaxation.

(i) Nutrition
Nutrition can be defined as the procurement of substances necessary for growth, development, maintenance and activities of a living organism.

We obtain food from various plant and animal sources. In order to keep healthy and energetic, we need to take food. It takes care of the daily energy need also. We consume energy even while sleeping. Energy requirement depends on individual, age and special need. Growing children, pregnant women and nursing mothers need more energy.

(ii) Proper Habits
Another important aspect of good health is to observe proper dietary habits that are consumption of balanced diet and at fixed time. Good personal and domestic hygiene is very essential. Take full care of the following aspects.

  • Your food should be fresh and kept away from dust, flies, insect and microbes to avoid any infection and spoilage.
  • Utensils should be kept clean.
  • You should wash your face and hands with soap before eating or handling the food.
  • Food should be cooked with good feelings and cheerful state.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, taking addictive drugs are bad habits and should be avoided.
  • They can have damaging effects on our body and mind.

(iii) Exercise and Relaxation
Regular exercise is necessary to keep our body fit. These exercises vary with age, physical condition and nature of work of the individual. In the case of sedentary worker, exercise is even more essential. Another aspect of health is regular sleep and relaxation. The duration of sleep also varies with age and nature of work. Infants sleep for long hours, which is necessary for them to grow. For children, an average of eight hours of sound sleep is sufficient. For adults six hours of sleep is enough. Relaxation improves the capacity to work. Relaxation may be defined as an activity or recreation, which provides a relief or diversion from work or effort. There are various ways of relaxation. Yoga and meditation relax the body and mind. Listening to music and reading magazines are also relaxing.


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