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  • Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well - being.
  • Nutrition, proper habits, exercise and relaxation are the conditions which have to be fulfilled for good health.
  • Good economic conditions and jobs are therefore needed for individual health.
  • Disease, in other words, literally means ‘ being uncomfortable.’ However, the word is used in a more limited meaning. We talk of disease when we can find a specific and particular cause for discomfort.
  • A person may be regarded as suffering from a disease when his body does not function properly.
  • Microbes are the microscopic organisms such as virus, bacteria, some fungi and protozoans that are responsible for causing diseases in human beings.
  • Cholera, tetanus, typhoid, diphtheria and pneumonia are some common diseases caused by bacteria.
  • Polio, common cold, influenza, measles, chicken pox and AIDS are diseases caused by virus. Amoebic dysentery and malaria are caused by protozoans.
  • Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a viral disease caused by the HIV virus that permanently disables the body’s immune system.
  • Disease can also be spread through water.
  • One way of looking at severe infectious diseases is that it represents a lack of success of the immune system.

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