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Advantages of Active Filters Over Passive Filters

  1. Less Cost Active filters are very much inexpensive than passive filters due to the variety of cheaper op-amp and the absence of costly inductors.
  2. Gain and Frequency Adjustment Flexibility Since the op-amp is capable of providing a gain (which may also be variable), the input signal is not attenuated as it is in a passive filter. In addition, the active filter is easier to tune or adjust.
  3. No Loading Problem Active filters provide an excellent isolation between the individual stages due to the high input impedence (ranging from a few kΩ to a several thousand MΩ) and low output impedance (ranging from less than 1Ω to a few hundred Ω). So, the active filter does not cause loading of the source or load.
  4. Size and Weight Active filters are small in size and less bulky (due to the absence of bulky ‘L’) and are rugged.
  5. Non-floating Input and Output Active filters generally have single ended inputs and outputs which do not ‘float’ with respect to the system power supply or common. This property is different from that of the passive filters.

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